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Sách Action & Adventure mới phát hành

The Innocents Abroad Mark Twain

75.000    58.000 

Sherlock in Love Sena Jeter Naslund

300.000    231.000 

Death in the Afternoon - Tái bản 10/2000 Ernest Hemingway

290.000    224.000 

Shadows of Sherlock Holmes

75.000    58.000 

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

300.000    231.000 
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Sách Action & Adventure
Death in the Afternoon - Tái bản
Ernest Hemingway
131.000  170.000 
A fascinating look at the history and grandeur of bullfighting, Death in the Afternoon is also a deeper contemplation on the nature of cowardice and bravery, sport and tragedy, and is enlivened throughout by Hemingway's pungent commentary on life and literature. Seen through his eyes, bullfighting becomes an art, a ... Xem thêm
Death in the Afternoon - Tái bản 10/2000
Ernest Hemingway
224.000  290.000 
In "Death in the Afternoon", Hemingway shares the sights, the sounds, the excitement, and above all, the knowledge which fuelled his passion for Spain and the bullfight. This remarkable book contains some of his finest writing, inspired by the intense life, as well as the inevitable death, of those hot, violent ... Xem thêm
Shadows of Sherlock Holmes
58.000  75.000 
Edited by David Stuart Davies The Shadows of Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating collection of stories featuring detectives, criminal agents and debonair crooks from the golden age of crime fiction: a time when Sherlock Holmes was esconsced in his rooms at 221B Baker Street and London was permanently wreathed in a ... Xem thêm
Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Stories
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
231.000  300.000 
It is more than a century since the ascetic, gaunt and enigmatic detective, Sherlock Holmes, made his first appearance in A Study in Scarlet. From 1891, beginning with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the now legendary and pioneering Strand Magazine began serialising Arthur Conan Doyle's matchless tales of ... Xem thêm
Sherlock in Love
Sena Jeter Naslund
231.000  300.000 
How did Sherlock Homes come into possession of a true Stardivarius?  Who was the one true love of the great detective's life?  And what shattering disappointment left the detective with feelings of overwhelming melancholy?  As Holme's great friend, Dr. Watson, sets out to answer these questions and recount the ... Xem thêm
The Innocents Abroad
Mark Twain
58.000  75.000 
With an Introduction by Stuart Hutchinson. Who could read the programme for the excursion without longing to make one of the party? So Mark Twain acclaims his voyage from New York City to Europe and the Holy Land in June 1867. His adventures produced The Innocents Abroad, a book so funny and provocative it made him an ... Xem thêm